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X-2012, a simplified x-game on ij

Welcome to the Haven

This is a safe place for all of those gifted with amazing powers by the solar flare of 2012. Here at the Xavier Haven for Gifted Individuals, the newest branch of humanity, known commonly as "mutants," can find refuge from a world that fears and often hates them. Please be sure to review your handbook and feel free to explore the grounds. I know he world may appear an unsure place for our kind, but do not lose hope, for together we can build the future.
Wanted: Anole, Beast, Boom Boom, Chamber, Elixir, an ex-girlfriend, Gambit, Indra, Iceman, Karma, Morph, Northstar, Pixie, Sunspot, Wolfsbane and many more.

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Celebrating six months of gameplay
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