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Marvel Next Generation

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The torch is being passed.
Heroes are starting to retire and the next generation of heroes are coming into their own. They're learning to use their powers, beating up bad guys, living up to their parents' legacies and learning responsibility in the process.

Marvel Next Generation is a roleplaying game that deals with the next generation of heroes and villains in the entire Marvel Universe. While we gladly accept applications for X-Men and Avengers, we encourage applications for Eternals, Defenders, Inhumans, Asgardians, and other characters off the beaten path. While it deals with the next generation of heroes and villains, the setting is set in the present.

We have a strong preference for players who are 18 and over, due to the themes often addressed in this RP. We have over 125 active player characters in the game, 290+ original NPCs and have many plots running at any given time. We accept Original Characters as well as canon characters, adult or children.

Format: Scribbld with AIM chats
Genre: Marvel AU
Contact: The Mods
Rating: Mature
Deadline: Open
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